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March 17, 2011
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Thursday, March 17, 2011 Court Records Page 13 FELONY DOCKET Justin Gilbert Barron-- Possession of controlled dangerous substance - meth & clonazepam, Transporting loaded fire- arm m motor vehicle, Unlawful possession of durg paraphernalia - misdmeanor, David Troy Cusick-- Conspiricy to manufac- ture methamphetamine, Possession of a controlled dangerous substance - methampohetamine, David Terry Cusick-- Conspiricy to manufac- ture methamphetamine, Possession of a controlled dangerous substance - methampohetamine, Glenn Monroe Keller-- Possession of marijuana - 2nd or subsequent of- fence, Failure to wear seatbele - misdmenaor, George Edward Steele-- Possession of a controlled dangerous sub- stance methamphatemine, Un- lawful possession of drug paraphernalia misdmeanor, Anthony Joseph Murray-- Injuring or burning public building, Malicious injury to prop- erty - under $1000 Crystal Chlea Samuels-- Possession of a CDS - meth w/in 500 fl of school, Unlawful pos- session of drug parapher- nalia; Matthew Alven Neal-- Matthwe Alvin Gross - alias-- Unlawful posses- sion of a controlled dan- gerous substance - meth, Unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia misdmeanor; Ashley Williams-- Un- lawful cultivation of mari- juana, possession of a controlled dangerous sub- stance - meth & mari- juana, Use of surveillance camera to avoid detection of crime, Unlawful pos- session of drug paraphernilia, Clifford Underwood-- Unlawful cultivation of marijuana, possession of a controlled dangerous substance - meth & mari- juana, Use of surveillance camera to avoid detection of crime, Unlawful pos- session of drug paraphernilia, Donna St. Clair-- Un- lawful cultivation of mari- juana, possession of a controlled dangerous sub- stance - meth & mari- juana, Use of surveillance camera to avoid detection of crime, Unlawful pos- session of drug paraphemilia, MISDMEANOR DOCKET Dalton Jay Harp-- Driving with license can- celled/suspended/revoked - 2nd or sub Kelley Renee Steelman-- Obtaining cash or mdse by bogus check Jeremy Wayne May-- Possession of a controlled dangerous substance - alprozalam Robert Dean Thornberg-- Possession of marijuana, unlawful possession of drug para- phernalia, Jeffery Paul Hutcherson-- Driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol Jerry Wayne Stewart-- Driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, Transporting open bottle or container of liquor Joshua John Remy -- Domestic abuse--assult & battery Christopher Carter-- Solicit purchase of mari- juana TRAFFIC DOCKET Failure to Wear Seatbelt-- Thomas Lee Rogers, Shawn Thomas Mundy, Adam Edward Eden, Rickey M Crouch, Scott Edward Hoxit, Jessie E Caples, Daniel J Woodral, Lisa Dawn Kirkes, Connie Sue Bazzell, Eric Dee Donaho, Collin Matthew Eatmon, Shirley Marie Green, Bryant Dwayne Underwood, Christopher Cody Bryant, Travis Dwayne Taylor, Stephen Oliver Taylor, Todd Duane Gardenhire, Ronald Ray Byus Jr, Arthor F Morrison, Keith Randall Cox, James M Shadwick II, Guillerno Salizar-Rivera, Brandon Lee Spangler, Windy Marie Mcpherson, Blake M Fuller, Richard Lee Gaylord, Cecil Eugene Archey, Jeremy Darin Clark, Mathew Thomas W Killion, James Luther Ollar Jr, Dale Scott Knighten, William F Painter, Justin Wayne Stimac, Rickie Watts Jr, Passenger Not Wearing Seatbelt-- Joseph Donald Whybark, Brian James Winner, Robert Allen Pierce, Carol Sue Dalrymple, Clarissa Vio- let Cox, Failure to Protect Child Under the Age of 13 By Use of Seatbelt-- Alejandro Cruce, Lisa Dawn Kirkes, Donald Ray Becker, Speeding-- Ashley Dawn Gordon - 78 in 65, Leng Lee, 82 in 55, Shaun C Rhodes - 72 in 65, Cody W Grantham - 90 in 65, Ronald Ray Byus - 35 in 45, Ashley Brooke Bingham - 75 in 65, Shawn A Ridenhour - 65 in 55, Justin Aaron Deshazo 76 in 55, Megan Diane Lynch - 80 in 65, Failure to Catty Own- ers Security Verification Form-- James David Dunlap, Vernon Wayne Meeks, Failure to Pay All Taxes Due The State-- Daniel J Woodral, Bryant Dwayne Underwood, Molly A Conner, Michael Joseph Durham, Failure to Devote Full Time Attention to Driv- ing in Accident-- Jared Adam Fuller, Operating M/V Without a Valid License--- Juan Diaz, Alejandro Cruce, Blake M Fuller, Operating M/V While License Is Suspended or Revoked-- Bryant Dwayne Underwood, Thomas Marvin Skinner, Richard Lee Gaylord, James Luther Ollar Jr, Michael Joseph Durham, Operating a M/V in a Matmor Not Reasonable and Proper-- Suzan Michelle Cowan, Amber Dawn Guinn, Failure to Stop at Stop Sign-- Jared Hetherington, Failure to Display Light Durint Tow-- Floyd B Mortenson, Overweight Group 4 Axles 72,000/73,000 Le- galAt 68,000-- Jeffery D Godfrey, Granvil B Crawford, James D Davis, Overload Any Axle (5001 6000 Ibs)-- David H Wann, Operating an Over Width Vehicle-- Raymond William Heaton Transporting an Open Container Pursuant to Title21 O.S. 1220--Bob Juniou Belak, Arthor F Morrison, Keith Randall Cox, Guillerno Salizar- Rivera, PROBATE DOCKET In the Matter of the Es- tate Of, Deceased-- Burness Gerald Underwood, CIVIL DOCKET Money Judgement $I 0,000 or Less-- Credit Acceptance Corp vs Tho- mas Smith, Credit Accep- tance Corp vs Jason Yandell, Spider Webb Implements vs Russell Featherson, Arvest Bank Fayeneville vs Alicia Gorman, Discover Bank vs David Seeley, Discover Bank vs William Curd, Money Judgement Over $10,000-- Heather Billy vs Shirley Armstrong, Heather Quails vs Shirley Armstrong, Forclose--- Onewest Bank FSB vs Wesley C Ritter aka Wesley Cleo Ritter and Misty D Ritter AKA Misty Dawn RTitterand occupants and Mortgage Electronic Reg- istration, Wells Fargo Bank vs Larry P Williams and Ella F Williams and John Doe and ISPC and Kendra Yandell DDS and JP Morgan Chase Bank and Wahsington Mutual Bank FKA and Washing- ton Mutual Bank FA and Washington Mutual Bank Loansin and Fleet Mort- gage and Sharon Hano, North American Savings Bank vs Marcus Cox and Brandi L Cox and spouse of any and John Doe and Occupants of premises and BAC Loans and State if Oklahoma OTC, Quite Title-- Dorthy Paige vs Charles Thomp- son and Bessie Thompson and James E Thompson and Robert G Thompson and Doris Thompson and Ora L Hawkins and The heirs of Twila Thompson and Phillis Thompson, Hesser Leasing Repn LLC vs Ella L James and Betty Bennett and Betty Francis Bennett and Hershell Bennett and Linda E Bolin and Will- iam Bolin and Jim Caldwell and Leslie Leroy Caldwell and Charles Dale Caldwell and Norman L Caldwell and Danny Allen Caldwell and Danny A Caldwell and David E Caldwell and Larry Joe Caldweli and Leslie S Caldwell and Jerry Dale Caldwell and Jerry D Caldwell and Gary Wayne Caldwell and Gary W Caldwell and Karen Caldwell and Shirley Caldweil and Barbara Caidwell and Jean Caldwell and Marguerite Caroline Caldweil and George Camp and Mary Camp and Shirley Ann Esmond and Shirley A Esmond and Denny Exmond and Paul D Hanna and Paula D Hanna and Dick Hanna and W H Harrison and Minnie Harrison and Ella L James and Elmer Mcdonald and Leah Mcdonald and Mrs Ollie Mcgregor and Ella L James and R E Patrick and Pat Lane Patrivk and R L Sockey Jr and Janet Sockey and Paul J Scottsberry and Sue C Scottsberry and Gailene Wilmeth and Jay Wilmeth and Ton Wynn and Don Baetz and Beverly A Hesser and I Jay Hesser and Flosie Jane Hesser, Auto Negligence-- Stephen Samuels vs John Pulice, Name Change--- Lober Forclosurc-- ita M Anderson, Repleavin--- Randy W Mills vs Penny K Scott, Drivers License Ap- peal- William Green vs Commissioners of Public Safety DIVORCE DOCKET Ronald Lee Hendrickson vs Wilma Hendrickson, Maria Delores Burgess vs Bobby Joe Burgess, Kyle Trotter vs Kristy Trotter, Samantha Wright vs Jewell David Wright, John Henry Ehmer vs Vir- ginia Ehmer, Robert Charles Byer vs Violet Jean Byers, Kathy M Carter vs Terry Carter, Alehandro Marcos Hernandez vs Susan Elaine Hernandez, Chris- topher Foster vs Staci Diane Foster,. Ladonna Whisenhunt vs Justin Whisenhunt, Marcella Arie vs Callie Edwards, Michael C Draper vs Emily N Draper, - REQUEST TO "DOCKET Ashley Renee Blasdel vs Stephen Paul Goodwin MARRIAGE LICENSE Christopher Wade Crabtree to Rachel Abigaiii-Lollis, Joseph Donald) Taylor to Adrianne Laneal Sisco, William Matelan Sims to Lacy Deana Hvamstad, Christopher Wright Greer to Shana Deanett Roop, Todd Alen Leaman to Angela Lynn Emery, Jus- tin Jock Benefield tpo Kayla Rhinea Toon, PROTECTIVE ORDER Dawnita Lynn Doctor vs Benjamin M Shook, Melanie Louise Warnock vs Robert Dale Warnock, Timmy Earl Adams vs Cathy Ann Adams, Courtney Raelynn Rice vs James Floyd Rice Jr, SMALL CLAIMS Money Judgment Un- der $1,500-- Western Shamrock Finance vs Christopher Lee, Ruby Wiley vs George Yandell, Kendra H Yandell DDS vs Edward Martin, Kendra H Yandeli DDS vs Renay Lweis, Kendra H Yandell DDS vs Laurance Duffy, Kendra H Yandell DDS vs Lisa Burges, World Ac- ceptance Corp vs Harea Stewart, World Accep- tance Corp vs Jessica Har- ris, World Acceptance Corp vs Maurita Moore, World Acceptance Corp vs Mike Chrisman, The Community State Bank vs Candice Page and Shan- non M Helstein, The Community State Bank vs Christopher Hudlow, The Community State Bank vs Jessy Calhoun and Ann Calhoun, The Community State Bank vs Teresa Daylynn Reimer, An- thony R Gooch, The Community State Bank vs Angela Lee Shores, The Community State Bank vs Caleb G Mcraynolds and Amber N Mcreynolds, The Community State Bank vs Jack Dewayne Jones, The Community State Bank vs Debra Lee Brown, Forcible Enrty & De- tainer Up To $1,500--- Tracy Davis vs Niki Phillips and All other oc- cupants, Billy Ross vs Niki Phillips and All other occupants, Spiro Pioneer Village vs Boyd Owens and Kendall Owens, Ruby Wiley vs George Yandell and Carol Yandell, Ruby Wiley vs Melanie Warnlock, MORTGAGES United Bilt Homes LLC to Billy Gillhan, 36-5-25, $84,900.00; Spiro State Bank to Jerry Adams, Its 11-14 blk 86 Fairvies Add Spiro; Arvest Bank to Vernon C Webster, 31-9- 27; Arvest Bank to Scott L Parks, 32-6-26; Wells Fargo Bank to Regina L Klick, pt oflt 10 TSA 2, $144,480.00; Steven Guilbeaux to Samuel Sinclair, 9-5 -25, $5,000.00; Ford Living Trust to Graciela Torres, pt of It 5 blk 20 Poteau, $6,500.00; Ford Living Trust to Watson Living Trust, pt of It 5 blk 20 Poteau, $29,500.00; Ex- press Mortgage to Chris- tina L Mcbride, pt of It 35 Townsite Add #5; Centerra Mortgage to Wayne A Harold, It 90 Hamilton Acres Phase IV; Arvest Mortgage to Jody Adams, It 2 blk l Foot- hills Estates; MERS to Christopher Buford, It 21 blk 4 Indian Hills Add; Union Bank of Mena to Stanley Stinson, 33-1-27, $20,663.59; Community State Bank to Richard Heath Watkins, 29-6-26; Arvest Bank to Dewayne Oliver, W/2 It 2 blk 46 City of Poteau; Citizens Bank and Trust to Ken- neth Earl Perrin, It 8 Sooner Place II, $88,000.00; American Southwest to Thurman Dewayne Oliver, 23-6-25, $2259,169.00; Allegiance Credit Union to Larry Mings, 30-3-24, $64,000.00; Central Na- tional Bank to Danny Rogers, 27-8-27 and 28- 8-27, $22,839.20; Phil B Mcgehee to Jeremiah Johnson, pt oflt 8 & 9 blk 11 LakeviewAdd Poteau, $59,000.00; First Na- tional Bank to Roy Don Johnson, 11-9-24, $48,000.00; Firdt Na- tional Bank to Eddie Gene Powers, 3-9-26, $45,000.00; Community State Bank to Cody Poor, 26-5-23; Central National Bank to Derick Baker, 31- 4-27, $38,247.74; First National Bank to Jesse L Henry, 19-10-27, $33,626.50; Spiro State Bank to James E Hibdon, lts 2 & 2 blk 41 Talihina, $82,000.00; MORTGAGE EXTENSION First National Bank to Othes Gamble Jr, 35-10- 24 30-10-26; OIL & GAS LEASES Judith D Agent to Longview Production, 30- 9-27; David A Bash to Unit Petrolium Company, 12-6-23; QUIT CLAIM DEEDS Gilbert Carter to Johathan Carter, 20-8-24; Donnie Fryhover to Linda Fryhover, 13-6-26; Le- Flore County Board to City of Poteau, see instru- ment; Susan K Kiger to Lundy K Kiger, see in- strument; Jan D Morris to Cynthia Kay Farrar, 12-8- 25; Hester Gargus to Gargus Family Trust, It 20 Longview Acres Spiro & 22-9-24; Joe Ellis White to White Energy LLC, 21- 5-22; Patricia Cluck to Janice Bowman, It 3 blk 75 Spiro; Earl Wayne Wil- son to David Ford, 34-6- 25; Charles Smith Bail Bonds to Pearl Wiley, It 4 blk 18 & lots 1 & 2 blk 19 Fanshaw Addition; Paul Mcgehee to William Ritter, pt of Its 2 & 3 blk 132 Spiro; Barnes Revo- cable Trust to Vaughn Barns, incorrect legal; Vaughn Bames to Vaughn Barnes Trust, Its 1 ande 2 blk 1 Truman Add; Gabriel Silva to CTR In- vestments Inc, 28-8-25; Ray Rai to James F Burnett, Lts 5 & 6 blk 6 Pine Crest Add Talihina; Regena Brown to Brown Family Trust, see instru- ment; Lockhart Family Trust to Robin Gall Oliver, 23-6-25; Edward Blagg to Essex T Webb, Its 3 and 4 blk 15 Talihina; L B Hunt to Lourdes J Barranco, pts of It 10 & 11 blk 9 Mail Street Ad- dition; Joseph W Jacobs to Jacobs Family Land and, 3-4-22; Raymond E Paddock to Raymond E Paddock, see instrument; Triple S Refining Corp to Tronox Worldwide, It 1 blk 4 and lts 5-6 and pt of Its 7-10 blk 5 Kavanaugh Annes Poteau; Tronox Worldwide to Greenfield Environmental, It 1 blk 4 and Its 5-6 and pt of Its 7- 10 blk 5 Kavanaugh Annes Poteau; Rickey Lynn Mcconnell to Terry Mcconnell, It 6 blk 5 City of Poteau; Elvis Poor to Cody Poor, 26-5-23; LPXLP Published in The Heavener Ledger March 10 and March 17, 2011 IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF LEFLORE COUNTY STATE OF OKLAHOMA IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF ) JOHN MICHAEL MOONEY, de- ceased) PB-2010-49 NOTICE TO CREDITORS All creditors having claims against John Michael Mooney, deceased, are required to present the same with a description of all secutiry in- terests and other collateral (if any) ' held by each creditor with reseoct to such claim, to the named personal representative at 622 Parker Av- enue, P.O. Box 185, Fort Smith, AR 72901, on or before the presentment date of May 31, 2011, or the same will be forever barred. DATED this 1st clay of March, 2011. Farrah L. Fielder, Esq. Ledbetter, Cogbill, Arnold & Harrison, LLP PO Box 185 Fort Smith, Arkansas /2902-0185 Attorneys for the Personal Repre- sentative Published in The Heavener Ledger March 10, March 17, and March 24 2011 IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF LEFLORE COUNTY STATE OF OKLAHOMA PLANTIFF: John Henry Ehmer DEFENDAN' Virginia - Ehmer NOTICE BY PUBLICATION THE STATE OF OKLAHOMA TO: Virginia - Ehmer TAKE NOTICE that you have been sued in the above named Court by ithe said PLANTIFF John Henry I Ehmer, for a DISSOLUTION OF MARRIAGE. You must answer said : Petition on or before the 24th day of ' March, 2011, or said Petition will be taken as true and a Judgement will be rendered for the PLANTIFF granting him/her a DECREE OF DISSOLUTION OF MARRIAGE. Presented by the Plaintiff: John Henry Ehmer 1002 Grady Ave. Poteau, OK 74953 I Published in The Heavener Ledger I March 17, 2011 I I To Whom It May Concern: I I will not be responsible for any debts I other then my own effective this I date, Jenna Sue Thornburg Lott Published in The Heavener Ledger March 17, 2011 Leflore Public Schools regularily scheduled board meeting will be March 21st, 2011 at 7:00 p.m. in the board room of the administration building.